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The Surgical Tecnique

The Surgical Tecnique


The suggestion for surgical operation for genital prolapse depends on the seriousness of the prolapse and the disorders involved. The aim of the operation is to improve the “life quality” of the women, therefore it has to be suggested only if that quality is reduced. The surgical operation usually used to correct the uterine prolapse, is the colpohysterectomy (uterus removal through vagina) linked to plastic surgery vagina (removal of vaginal wall redundant).

The front-back plastic vaginal surgery, consists of removing a part of vaginal wall, following the relocation of the bladder and the rectum in the standard position, and at the end in the suture of the vagina. In case of stress urinary incontinence, linked to total prolapse, during plastic surgery vaginal, one shall be carried out the correction of stress urinary incontinence through l’urethropexy.


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