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digital hCG pregnancy test
The digital hCG pregnancy test is a rapid and easy-to-use pregnancy test. It is used for the qualitative detection of human hCG in urine. For in vitro self-diagnostic use only.
Only gynaecologists or general practitioners are qualified to provide advice and information on the choice and use of the device.


Test Midstream and Package Insert


Wait for about 3 minutes

Shelf life

5 years


Important: While in use, avoid holding the test with the absorbent tip facing upward. When ready, remove the test from the foil pouch and take off the cap.
Grasp the non-slip grip ensuring that the absorbent tip is facing downward. Ensure the absorbent tip is facing downward, reattach the cap, and position the test on a flat surface with the screen facing upward.
The clock symbol will appear and flash on the screen once urine is applied, signaling that the test is underway.  Approximately 3 minutes later, the screen will display either ‘YES+’ or ‘NO-‘, indicating the result.

rapid test

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