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Intimate lubricating gel

Introducing our new water-based intimate moisturizing gel with hyaluronic acid and collagen, an innovative product that can improve women’s quality of life. Intimate Gel is natural and is indicated as an adjunct to lubrication in cases of poor hydration

Vaginal dilators

Vaginal dilators: these are medical devices used to treat various gynaecological conditions that cause pain or difficulty in vaginal penetration. Benefits: improve circulation, oxygenation, collagen and elastin production, sexual sensitivity and pleasure, healing and regeneration of vaginal tissues. Indications: indicated for vaginismus,

Beyond Kegel: the pelvic diaphragm

Increasingly frequently, we hear people talking about the “core”. In this case we are obviously not concerned with “core” in business terms, rather with the core of our body, in other words, the central part of the trunk including the...
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