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  • it is an effective and safe product that can help maintain the well-being of the female intimate area.
  • Easy to remove
  • Water-soluble
Intimate moisturizing gel aiding lubrication with hyaluronic acid and collagen. External use only

14,90  IVA inc.

Vaginal gel aiding lubrication – packaged in 24 single-dose sachets of 3 ml each.

The vaginal gel aiding lubrication is a natural product that provides an effective and gentle solution for the well-being of the female intimate area. Thanks to its formula based on hyaluronic acid, collagen, and glycerin, the intimate gel. helps maintain the proper hydrolipidic balance of the vaginal mucosa, promoting lubrication and preventing dryness, irritation, and inflammation.

Hyaluronic acid, collagen, and glycerin: natural ingredients for intimate well-being.

Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of the skin and mucous membranes that has moisturizing and lubricating properties. Collagen is a protein that provides structure and support to tissues. Glycerin is a humectant that helps retain water in the skin.

The benefits of intimate gel. intimate gel. provides the following benefits:

  • Facilitates the insertion and removal of the pessary, reducing friction that may cause irritation or injury to the vaginal mucosa.
  • Prevents vaginal dryness, which can be caused by physiological factors such as menopause or breastfeeding, or environmental factors such as the use of medications or harsh detergents.
  • Alleviates vaginal irritation and inflammation, providing a sensation of freshness and well-being.
  • Protects the vaginal mucosa from bacteria and fungi.
  • Maintains vaginal lubrication, making sexual intercourse more comfortable and enjoyable.

How to use intimate gel: intimate gel. it is easy to use. Just apply a small amount of the product to the affected area and gently massage until it is completely absorbed. You can repeat the application several times a day according to your needs.

Furthermore, the vaginal gel aiding lubrication can also be used in combination with a pessary, facilitating its insertion and removal. intimate gel. it is a safe product tolerated by the majority of women. It is dermatologically tested and does not contain potentially irritating substances such as parabens, dyes, or artificial fragrances.

Here are some tips for proper intimate hygiene:

  • Wash the intimate area with a mild soap and lukewarm water.
  • Avoid using scented or harsh soaps.
  • Do not use intimate cleansers with acidic pH.
  • Do not rub the intimate area too vigorously.
  • Gently dry the intimate area with a soft towel.
  • Wear comfortable and breathable underwear. intimate gel. it is an effective and safe product that can help maintain the well-being of the female intimate area.

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Before unpacking, make sure the pack is intact and sealed inside the medical sachet provided. Before use, make sure the device:

  • is intact and undamaged (i.e. has no cracks, dents or breaks)
  • is not discoloured, does not have an uneven colour, and does not have any mould on the surface, etc.

If any of the defects indicated above are present DO NOT USE THE DEVICE and REPLACE IT IMMEDIATELY.

In case of replacement or failure, dispose of the device in compliance with local waste disposal regulations.
The original material does not contain any toxic substances.

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