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Set coppetta mestruale
This sanitizing and menstrual cup set is the ideal solution for women seeking a more environmentally friendly and comfortable alternative to tampons and pads. The set also includes a sterilizer and a brush for easy and safe cleaning.
Only gynaecologists or general practitioners are qualified to provide advice and information on the choice and use of the device.


Latex- and bisphenol A-free medical silicone

menstrual cup


S – L


Empty your menstrual cup every 4-8 hours

Shelf life

5 years

Insertion, removal and cleaning of mestrual cup

Before inserting the menstrual cup, wash your hands with warm water and soap and rinse them thoroughly with
clean water. Fold the menstrual cup into a C or tulip shape to facilitate insertion. Locate the opening of the vagina and guide the menstrual cup up and towards your back. Once inserted, release the fold, allowing the cup to unfold completely and securely adhere to the vaginal wall without shifting.
For cup removal, start by thoroughly washing your hands with soap and water. Sit on the toilet or squat to
remove your menstrual cup.  A squatting position shortens the vagina and makes removal easier. Insert a finger alongside the base of the cup to break the seal, gently remove the cup from the vagina by gripping it at the base. Empty the contents into the toilet and wash the cup with water and soap. Afterward, reposition the menstrual cup in the vagina.
As for cleaning, it is essential to thoroughly wash the menstrual cup after each use with water and soap. Pay special attention to the small holes under the cup’s rim, as they assist in releasing the vacuum created once it’s positioned in the vagina. Additionally, for more comprehensive cleaning and optimal hygiene, consider sterilizing the menstrual cup between cycles.
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