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Perforated cube pessary

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Pessary carrying bag


Perforated cube-shaped pessary set

The perforated cube-shaped pessary set provides an effective and comfortable solution for the treatment of third and fourth-degree uterine prolapse, cystocele, and rectocele.

The perforated cube-shaped pessary is a device indicated for the treatment of third and fourth-degree uterine prolapse, cystocele, and rectocele. The vaginal gel helps lubricate the vagina and facilitate the insertion of the pessary, while the pessary carrying bag is a useful accessory for transporting and storing the pessary in a hygienic manner.

The perforated cube-shaped pessary

Cubic pessaries, especially the perforated cube-shaped pessary, retain prolapse by adhering closely to the vaginal walls, creating a kind of vacuum effect. Its use does not therefore necessarily require the pelvic floor to be intact. This device is indicated, above all, in cases of third- and fourth-degree uterine prolapse, in the presence of cystocele or rectocele, in the treatment of micturition disorders or in disorders during sexual intercourse and before surgery. It is the ideal solution for effective support during the patient’s daily activities (work, sport) and when she is able to self-manage the insertion and removal of the device (for example before sexual intercourse or going to bed).

The vaginal gel

The vaginal gel is a natural product that provides an effective and gentle solution for the well-being of the female intimate area. Thanks to its formula based on hyaluronic acid, collagen, and glycerin, the intimate gel. helps maintain the proper hydrolipidic balance of the vaginal mucosa, promoting lubrication and preventing dryness, irritation, and inflammation.

Pessary carrying bag

The pessary carrying bag is an essential accessory for women using a pessary. It is designed to protect the pessary from contamination and keep it clean and dry.

Before unpacking, make sure the pack is intact and sealed inside the medical sachet provided. Before use, make sure the device:

  • is intact and undamaged (i.e. has no cracks, dents or breaks)
  • is not discoloured, does not have an uneven colour, and does not have any mould on the surface, etc.

If any of the defects indicated above are present DO NOT USE THE DEVICE and REPLACE IT IMMEDIATELY.

In case of replacement or failure, dispose of the device in compliance with local waste disposal regulations.
The original material does not contain any toxic substances.

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