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  • 2nd and 3rd degree prolapse
  • Rectocele
  • Cystocele
The Donut pessary is used to treat second and third degree uterine prolapse, as well as cystocele or rectocele. This type of pessary, which is usually used by post-menopausal women is sufficiently elastic to allow easy insertion and removal. The device must be prescribed and positioned by a qualified specialised practitioner.

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Silicone Donut pessary

The Donut-shaped silicone pessary has a ring-like form with an internal hole. Use of this device is possible when other types of pessary prove ineffective. The pessary is inserted into the vagina to provide the pelvic organs with additional support. This restores the anatomical relationship between the pelvic organs and prevents/reduces the possibility of a prolapse. The size is stated on the product and on the label.


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Only gynaecologists/general practitioners are qualified to give advice and information on the choice and use of the device.

Materials Medical silicone
Sizes 50, 59, 65, 69, 83, 88, 95 mm


The Company It is an ISO 13485:2016 certified company, manufacturing and distributing medical devices nationally and internationally.

The company’s core business and R&D engine focus on the field of gynecology, including among its main products pessaries: Class IIa and IIb medical devices designed for the containment of pelvic organ prolapse, urinary incontinence, and the risk of preterm birth.

The pessary, available in various shapes, sizes, and materials, falls within the category of medical devices used as conservative therapies, serving as an alternative to surgical intervention.

Uro-gynecological screening, targeted physiotherapy and non-invasive treatments, such as pessaries, are ways to prevent POP problems and urinary incontinence. Caring deeply about women’s health, and for this very reason, thanks to its predominantly female team, the company works every day to research innovative and competitive solutions aimed at improving the quality of life.

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50, 59, 65, 69, 76, 83, 88, 95


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CE Medical Device

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Before unpacking, make sure the pack is intact and sealed inside the medical sachet provided. Before use, make sure the device:

  • is intact and undamaged (i.e. has no cracks, dents or breaks)
  • is not discoloured, does not have an uneven colour, and does not have any mould on the surface, etc.

If any of the defects indicated above are present DO NOT USE THE DEVICE and REPLACE IT IMMEDIATELY.

In case of replacement or failure, dispose of the device in compliance with local waste disposal regulations.
The original material does not contain any toxic substances.

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