4 tips for keeping colds at bay


A few, simple guidelines are all it takes to protect our body from the external attacks that can come at this time of year. In addition to focusing on female health, this time we will broaden the field to the whole family.

That’s right, because it would be pointless to find one simple remedy; the first step is to adopt a healthy lifestyle, which obviously cannot be done overnight, rather through a series of well-informed choices repeated over time and better still if shared.

First and foremost, it is equally important to consider diet and some healthy exercise. In our pantry, we should never be without sources of vitamin C: citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, and green leafy vegetables, like spinach, chicory, broccoli and cabbage.

However, the pantry’s true, effective and easy to make weapon against the ‘flu is a mixture of organic honey, lemon, ginger and cinnamon. A teaspoonful in the morning, spread on a crispbread, will give you clean energy to burn and will keep seasonal ailments at bay.

Secondly, something you must have heard a million times, try to get some exercise. Even just a short 30-minute walk every day will help to improve your mood, intestinal balance and, consequently, your immune system.

That’s right, because once again, our well-being originates from what is commonly known as our “second brain”, namely the intestine. How can I make it healthy? With fermented yoghurt, papaya and soya, kefir and krauts.

Last but not least, before heading for the pharmacy, try checking out your local health supply shop (echinacea and ginseng); if we really want to do things properly we can add vitamin A, D and E supplements, which will aid the absorption of the nutrients contained in the food we put on the table every day.