Let’s start from our health

ripartiamo dalla nostra salute

After this period of holidays and with the beginning of the new year, good intentions also arrive. And to get rid of this sense of heaviness, there is no other way than to “get in line”: that is, a little attention to food and a little physical exercise.

If you think it is still too cold to engage in outdoor activities, you can consider practicing postural gymnastics on a simple gym mat at home (average cost € 15).

Do it yourself normally would not be recommended, but, in order not to remain too still, due to lock down and bad weather, the advice is to do some gentle postural gymnastics.

Some gym

If you have been standing still for many years and you see that without the help of a physiotherapist, you are unable to move a muscle, it is better to wait for the specialist’s instructions.

If, on the other hand, you have maintained even a minimum of muscle tone, then you could start with five minutes of exercise a day: lying down, focusing on the rotation of the pelvis.

Just try to “flatten” the spine on the mat, trying not to leave space behind the lumbar sacral area and the floor; this simple movement will be enough to engage the abdominal muscles, buttocks and upper legs. Once this is done with ease you can add a few more small movements; to always keep in mind both the breathing and the sweetness of the movements, to avoid causing damage to the back and joints.

Exactly, as you landed on this site, so you can find valuable help on video search engines that offer real lessons aimed at the correct mobility of the pelvis and back.

In particular, when it comes to women’s health, it is good to remember how important it is to keep the muscle tissue of the pelvic area healthy and efficient; especially to prevent and treat disorders such as incontinence, uterine prolapse but also constipation and any repercussions on the intestinal walls.