What a pessary is and when to ask to use one

che cosa è il pessario

A pessary is a medical device that supports certain pelvic floor organs from the interior, to reposition them and reduce that disorders that could usually occur during a woman’s life. One of the most common types is the ring pessary. Practical, simple and effective, this kind of pessary is inserted through the vulva, in an outpatient clinic. Its positioning is, of course, anything but random: the shape and soft consistency of the device will simultaneously be able to support the uterus, bladder and/or rectum.

This simple device has solved the problems of a great many women and its use has become so familiar that patients are increasingly able to self-manage its insertion and removal. However, when it is not possible to act directly on the medical device and, despite being well tolerated by our body, the medical device is usually replaced by a healthcare profession every few months to avoid pressure sores and infections.


For treatment of first or second degree uterine prolapse, use of a vaginal ring is usually combined with pelvic floor rehabilitation or local radiofrequency or laser therapy. In all these cases, prolapse can be reduced with the positioning and aid of a vaginal pessary.

To appreciate all the positive effects of using a pessary it will not be necessary to wait until the end of the treatment cycle, as it will immediately be possible to perform all your usual daily activities, for example an hour’s walk with friends will no longer be out of the question and an afternoon in the park with your grandchildren will once again be a carefree and enjoyable time. All of this goes to show the importance and urgency for all those young women who have not yet experienced this kind of condition to take quick and effective action in order to be able to get back to their activities with determination and peace of mind.