The Surgical Technique

la tecnica chirurgica prolasso uterino

The need to perform surgery for uterine prolapse is assessed on the basis of the severity of the prolapse and associated symptoms. As the purpose of the procedure is to improve the woman’s quality of life, it is only suggested when her quality of life is impaired. The surgical technique usually used to correct uterine prolapse is colpohysterectomy (removal of the uterus through the vagina) combined with vaginal wall repair (removal of the redundant vaginal wall).

Anterior and posterior vaginal wall repair consists in removing part of the vaginal wall, then restoring the bladder and rectum to a normal position and lastly suturing the vagina. In case of stress incontinence associated with complete prolapse, during anterior vaginal wall repair, the stress incontinence is corrected using a procedure known as urethropexy.