What the press is saying about the miraculous vaginal ring

la stampa parla del miracoloso

An article focusing on the use of vaginal rings has been published in the specialised journal Gyneco Aogoi.

It mainly discusses its advantages as a valid alternative to surgery, especially for women in the third age, and as a physical and moral support in solving incontinence, an increasingly common problem even amongst younger subjects, not just among pregnant women, but also very young women, and one with deep psychological repercussions.

Pelvic Floor Weakening

We would like to point out that pelvic floor weakening can be caused by a great many factors: from being overweight, to pregnancy, inadequate exercise and constipation, physical strain similar to that which results in inguinal hernias and even persistent bronchitis.

So there are various factors to be considered. On the other hand, until now, the best solution for this kind of problem was surgery, with all its contraindications. Pessaries are an authentic revolution for women, allowing them to regain mobility, their independence and their freedom to travel without feeling they can never be far from a toilet.

It is the first discreet device, which restores the uterus to its correct position, in order to avoid crushing the adjacent internal organs, and is the perfect complement to light pelvic exercise.
When faced with problems like cystocele, rectocele, incontinence and uterine prolapse, a specialist’s goal will undoubtedly be to find the least invasive solution from both a physical and a psychological perspective, as we mentioned earlier, which is why a pessary may be the solution to the problem, especially in the early stages of genital prolapse.