The road to eternal youth, at a brisk pace

la strada per eterna giovinezza

We have been told for years that walking is good for us. But how should we walk? A short afternoon walk is good, but specific exercise at least three times a week is better still. That’s right, because with one slightly more strenuous walk and two gentler ones the benefits are considerably greater: the cardiovascular system, muscles and posture improve and the bones and immune system become stronger.

Our advice to anyone thinking of taking up this kind of exercise is to use Nordic Walking poles as an aid: not only will they provide greater stability and confidence while walking, but they will also help to increase calorie consumption by getting the upper body moving. In addition, using light poles will develop in particular the muscles of the abdomen and lower back, thus helping to keep the pelvic floor healthy. And saying that you have “too many aches and pains” will no longer be a valid excuse, because walking with the aid of these poles loosens tension in the shoulder and neck area and lightens the load on the joints.

The main plus of this kind of walking is that it can be practised anywhere, on mountain paths, around town, on the beach, in parks or at the gym, but it goes without saying that the more even the ground, the better the results. However, walking outdoors brings greater advantages on mood and boosts endorphin and serotonin production, helping to prevent anxiety and depression.

Last, but not least, it is advisable to walk in company, it will be more stimulating to remind one another of your weekly outings and it will certainly be more fun to have someone to talk to as you walk.